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More About Metabolic Typing?

Put simply, Metabolic Typing [MT] aims at finding out the best 'fuel mixture' for your body. A common analogy used, in MT is that of a car engine.  As you know, down at the garage, there are many different types of fuel including unleaded, lead replacement and high octane petrol.

For your car to run at its best in terms of efficiency, smoothness, power and reliability, you need to ensure that you fill up with the right grade of gas.  Fortunately for your car, this is simple, because the manufacturer will have already determined what the best fuel mixture is, and need only look it up in the handbook.  However, the same principles apply to your body - and the question therefore becomes, how can you find out the right 'fuel mixture' for your body.

This is what metabolic typing aims at ascertaining for you. A Metabolic Typing Analysis  measures a number of your body's regulatory control systems, known as 'Fundamental Homeostatic Controls' (FHC'S for short).  When you take the Metabolic Typing Assessment you will find out information about the following 'Fundamental Homeostatic Controls':


Evaluation Methods

Autonomic Type

Questionnaire, (with optional hair analysis)

Oxidative Type

Questionnaire, (with optional hair analysis)

(Also determines which of the above FHC's has the most impact on your metabolism)

Endocrine Type


Blood Type

Blood type test

Knowing the above FHC's should  indicate which foods will best balance your metabolism as well as the most appropriate ratios of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that should lead to optimal energy production. 

Your physical body, behaviour and dietry responses provides us with hundreds of clues about the above FHC's and how they are functioning in your body. As an example, pupil size (large, medium or small) provides information about your Autonomic Type FHC (i.e. sympathetic type, parasympathetic type or balanced type).

Once your FHC's have been ascertained, certain foods and proportions of them relative to each other can be worked out as a suggestion for you to experiment with. Eating a diet made up of these foods should work in a positive way to balance the FHC's - and as this happens you will hopefully expereince increases in health, energy and wellbeing.

MT based research indicates that people who eat a diet that is suited to their own unique metabolism benefit from robust health and live to a good age.  Also studies of cancer patients [in particular a case study of 500 cancer patients by Gonzalez who had followed a metabolic typing program], have shown outstanding results in terms of recovery from disease and illness. Benefits include:

  • More robust health and energy

  • Weight control

  • Freedom from hunger and cravings between meals

  • Long term benefits may include the prevention and/or reversing of disease

  • Moving your weight towards your ideal weight - (lose weight if you are overweight and put on weight if you are underweight)

  • Experience an increase in strength and stamina

How do I find out my Metabolic Type & What Additional Information Will I Receive?

To find out your Metabolic Type you need to take the assessment detailed on the
Find Out Your Metabolic Type page. 

As a total package your MT assessment will include:

  • Details of your Metabolic Type

  • A 45 minute phone consultation with a trained professional to discuss your results & how you should go about implementing them

  • A chart listing foods right for your type - and foods you would do best avoiding

  • Details about ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats most suitable for your type

  • A customised supplement list for your Metabolic Type

  • Access to specialised MT supplements that will support your Metabolic Type

  • Details of foods to avoid for your blood type (if you include the blood typing option)

  • Sample meal plans for your Metabolic Type

  • A special document entitled 'Using Your Diet Plan' to further help your success

  • On going support to help you achieve success

Click here for details on how to find out your Metabolic Type


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