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Find Out Your Metabolic Type

Please note: In terms of Metabolic Typing Assessments, we offer the Advanced Program.

A Metabolic Typing assessment is simple, interesting and easy to take. The assessment contains 120 questions covering your dietary likes and dislikes, your physical characteristics and your psychological characteristics.

You will take your assessment on line - and submit it directly for analysis - and your 45 minute consultation (covering your results) will take place over the telephone.

The information you provide in your assessment will be analysed and the results sent to you within a couple of days.

Your results will include:

  • Details of your Metabolic Type

  • A chart listing foods right for your type (according to MT) - and foods you would do best avoiding

  • Details about ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats most suitable for your type (according to MT)

  • A customised supplement list for your Metabolic Type (according to MT)

  • Details of foods to avoid for your blood type (if you include the blood typing option)

  • Sample meal plans for your Metabolic Type

  • A special document entitled 'Using Your Diet Plan' to further help your success

Your Metabolic Typing package also includes:

  • A 45 minute telephone consultation with a trained professional to discuss your results & how you should go about implementing them

This will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions about your results and to discuss the best way of implementing them. You will also be provided with ongoing support. Further - you will have access to:

  • Access to specialised MT supplements that will support your Metabolic Type

Many people spend considerable amounts of their income on supplements. However, every nutrient has a specific effect on metabolism - and so without knowing your Metabolic Type, it is therefore not necessarily possible to be sure which nutrients will benefit you or which nutrients will potentially unbalance your metabolism.

Therefore, you will have access to specialised nutrients which have designed for particular metabolic types. You will then be able to utilise what is considered (according to MT), the most efficient and effective supplement program for your particular metabolism according to your customised supplement recommendations.

Please make contact or leave a message using the facility below (please include a telephone number as well) to arrange an assessment. 

Email: info@metabolictypediet.co.uk
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