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Metabolic Typing Versus The Atkins Diet

Have you heard about the Atkins diet. Maybe you have even experimented with it. Maybe you did well on it - or maybe you didn't do so well.

Here is a list of main differences:

  • The Atkins diet does not test to see whether people are protein or carbohydrate type.

  • The Atkins diet just presumes everyone is a protein type.

  • This is not true - as from Metabolic Typing - we know that people can be a variety of types.

  • You can be a protein, or carbohydrate or balanced type.

  • Further more - you can be a slow oxidiser, a fast oxidiser or a mixed type.

  • Atkins does not work out the ratios of protein, carbs and fats that will suit your type.

  • Atkins does not provide specialist supplements for your type.

  • Atkins is a 'one-size-fits-all' diet - it does not allow for variations.

  • Atkins does not specifically include blood typing diet (as does MT).

  • Metabolic Typing finds out your best foods & ratios of proteins, fats and carbs.


In contrast, Metabolic Typing will enable you to find out the best fuel mixture for your particular metabolism as well as the right foods for your type. In terms of health, fitness, longevity and freedom from illness - it is one of the most valuable pieces of information about your body you can find out.

Please feel free to make contact to discuss Metabolic Typing in more detail. You can use any of the methods below.

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